The face of Gabriel Recchia.

I offer consulting services related to artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and collecting data from human participants. I’ve been conducting research into computational models of language processing for 18 years and have served as either a PI or a named researcher on grants funded by (or recommended for funding by) Stanford University, Cancer Research UK, and the United States government.

Collecting training data for training machine learning models is easy. Collecting training data that actually gets them to learn what you want them to learn is hard, especially if that data comes from human labelling. My combination of experience with language models and designing experiments with human participants gives me a unique perspective that can help me help you figure out how to collect the data you need. Please feel free to reach out.

If you work on a project of social or humanitarian importance, feel free to reach out even if your funding is limited, and perhaps we can work something out. For example, I’ve consulted on a pro bono basis for Public Health England and the Africa’s Voices Foundation.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University in 2007, and my doctorate is in Cognitive Science at Indiana University, with a minor in computational linguistics and with language modelling as my content specialization. Publications, skills, and previous employers are listed on my CV; Google Scholar may be more up-to-date.