True Heroes

RED  gets special exp!
BLUE gained 392 Soins.
She's here.  GREN, this will help.
WHIT's memory will live forever.


Full name: Redmond Wilhelm Edwards the Good

Has: The Coffee

Goes: Lopi

Blood Type: A

Fate: Left at night.


Full name: Bluma Ballantine Blusterman the Cunning

Has: The Old Vase

Goes: Sand

Blood Type: B

Fate: Went to save the world from doom.


Full name: Grendolyn Llewellyn Jameson the Evil

Has: The Nailfile

Goes: Pon

Blood Type: AB

Fate: Started finding new adventure.


Full name: Bill

Has: The Old Fool

Goes: Pu

Blood Type: O

Whit's fate is unknown.



"Now on to world conquest! Heheh!"
"You saved me SamJ... Will you marry me?"


Catchphrase: "Sara must be brought back."

Exemplifies: Kings everywhere

Celebrity Lookalike: The King


Catchphrase: "Still weak..."

Exemplifies: Riot Grrrl culture

Celebrity Lookalike: Lynsey Bartilson

"I'm engaged to the princess.  I feel very sad."
"I'm prince Alehu.  What do you want?"


Catchphrase: "Stop meddling!"

Exemplifies: Evil suitors

Celebrity Lookalike: Count Chocula


Catchphrase: "Come back when you've
reached level 10..."

Exemplifies: Blue afros, tiny crowns

Celebrity Lookalike: Bert's Grandpa


The Others

The Catgirl

The Small Child

The Village Wench

The Lady

"Could you find my nailfile at Pon Woods? You'll earn arms."

Expertise: Velociraptor impersonations

Interests: gloves, nailfiles
"Yay! It's my birthday present. Have this."

Expertise: Being irrationally excited about getting candy as a birthday present

Interests: Candy, herbs that will save Sister
"A letter for me? Teehee..."

Expertise: Being irrationally worried about the repeated theft of the king's crown

Interests: Rejecting Some Nobody
Expertise: Losing her son in the woods, being helped by you

Fashion Sense: Lacking

Most Similar to Which Bathroom Appliance: Towelrack

The Granny

Lost Girl


Some Nobody

"Oh goody! Thanks for the coffee!"

Expertise: Stealing rubies that are the wrong Solor, returning old vases to sprites, breaking barriers, stating the obvious

Interests: coffee, rubies of great power
"I'm your biggest fan!
I'm going with you!"

Expertise: Sending coffee to grannies, getting lost, getting in your way

Interests: You
"I'll trade you this ruby for a pair of winged."

Expertise: Chicanery, talking about "winged" every damn time you enter town

Weaknesses: Can't deliver his own luggage to Pand; horribly crossed eyes
"Oh! The Luggage. Here's your pay. Don't tell anyone."

Expertise: illicit deals involving luggage, being self-deprecating, suing those who hit him for all they're worth

Romantic Interest: The Village Wench

The Old Fool

The Pirate

The Sympathy Witch

The Elf

"I'm lost."

Fits in: Your pack

Alias: The Old Man
"I have wronged many.
Can I be forgiven?"

Expertise: Rewarding the other heroes; wronging many

Interests: Being awesome
"I and my sisters know many secrets."

Expertise: Apprenticing particularly weak heroes, improving their exp by a negligible amount

Related to: The Banshee

Interests: Soins

Expertise: Playing a mean trick; balancing an apple on one finger


A Sprite

Dorian's Clone

The Punisher

"I'm coming with you!"

Expertise: Stealing all your treasure and giving up easily when caught

Alias: Child
"You are a true hero..."

Expertise: Identifying true heroes; declaring that she will help

The Old Vase

"Thank you. I was there for 100 years."

Expertise: Getting trapped in jars for 100 years

Interests: Escaping from jars

"You must train!"

Hangs out in: Forests

Trains: You

Is better at his job than: The Sympathy Witch

The Innkeeper

The Armorer

The Guildmaster

The Narrator

"Will you stay?"

Expertise: Restoring your HP

Status: Bald
"How can I help you?"

Bailiwick: Arms dealer

Status: Possibly bald

"How can I help you?"

Bailiwick: Magic dealer

Gender: Underspecified

"Turn 1. Red has 55 turns left."

Use: None


Not Pictured

Rayask the Warrior
Silver Statue Man